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👋 I’m Jason – husband, son, brother, friend, musician, and entrepreneur. I most resonate with what Don Williams called himself, a “professional dreamer.”

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About me

I’m an entrepreneur and musician living in Auburn, California with my wife and 2 dogs. My mission is to lift hearts and open minds through music and connection.

My music is heavily influenced by a troubled past, overcoming that past, and the current joy I have in that triumph and my spiritual faith – all mixed with “life stuff” that we experience as people in this world.

Not too long ago, I was crippled by fear – fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of rejection. But those boil down to the biggest fear of them all: the fear of being myself. This crippling fear hindered me from using my gifts and passions.

Getting over this fear took a lot of internal work, and the progression came in multiple stages. I feel many others struggle with this (whether they know it or not) and I want to encourage others to stop being afraid of being themselves – we all have incredible gifts and passions to share with a hurting world.

Listening to my music, you can probably pick up that I’m spiritual. I used to be burdened by many addictions, depression, anxiety and frequent thoughts of ending my life (in fact, my dad recently shared with me that 30% of males on his side end their own life, and most struggle with major depression). My friends and family had no idea, I didn’t talk to anyone about it, and I just covered it all up. It was an every day struggle, and I coped with whatever I could find in this world to make me “feel better” or take my mind off a deeper struggle. It wasn’t until I started reading scripture, praying for peace, and having healthy connections that I started overcoming that pain. 

A massive part of our brain holds a place for deep and spiritual thought – it only makes sense to build that up, and I certainly need a regular focus on that. All this to say, I believe in a God that loves us beyond comprehension, and who’s ways and thoughts are beyond our understanding. I literally can’t make music that isn’t grounded in that belief, because it has saved my life and continues to fill me with peace.

Here are a few verses that inspired me to make major life changes, and continue to change my heart: 1 Peter 4:10Mark 10:451 Corinthians 10:31. As these soaked into my daily thoughts, my life started changing. I started saying what I needed to say, doing what I needed to do, and living a life that was true to myself and the gifts I’ve been given.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading 🙏 I hope you’ll connect with me and say hello 👋

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