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ever more music album by jason call

πŸ‘‹Β  Hi I’m Jason – musician, entrepreneur, husband and friend. I most resonate with whatΒ Don WilliamsΒ called himself, a “professional dreamer.”

Listen to my first music release, Ever More, now streaming on your favorite music platform & YouTube.

πŸŽ₯ Watch the music video for Ever More, filmed in the beautiful Sierra Mountains!

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About me

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πŸ‘‹ Hi I’m Jason. I’m an entrepreneur and musician in Auburn CA. (Watching the above video is a good way to learn about me.)

Releasing my music was the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done! Why? Because it required overcoming fear – fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of rejection. But you know what, all those fears boil down to the BIGGEST FEAR of them all… The fear of being myself…

I know I’m not alone in this struggle, and that is why I seek to inspire others to OVERCOME that fear! In overcoming fears and rising from brokenness, we find purpose. Aren’t we all looking for purpose in our life?

Living a life of purpose requires two things (one easy and one hard):

1️⃣ Recognizing your dreams and passions – we all know deep down our true passions and dreams, but we often don’t vocalize them or cover them up for so long they’re dusty; I know I did!

2️⃣ Pursuing your dreams and passions – this is the hard one, because it requires casting aside fear (often-times fear that has been crippling us a long time)

In a fearless pursuit of our passions we find PURPOSE, and we’re all looking for that… A life filled with purpose… Joy… Meaning… Lives filled with love.

Speaking of love, I love people! And love is the reason why I’m reaching out into a lost and broken world…

I don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, where you live, what your job is, or what you think of the President – I love you. And through that love (which, honestly, is a gift to me), I want YOU to live a joyful life filled with purpose and meaning.

πŸ€” Here is a question that I started asking myself every morning, and it has changed the course of my life: what is my next ACTION in pursuit of my passion?

Write this down EVERY DAY!! I promise it will change your life…

For someone who is unhappy in their job, what action are you taking to create a new career/vocation for yourself? I was personally in this situation 3 years ago – I know, it’s so easy to get stuck in this way!

➑️ Side note on that: Our days are numbered, and your life and gifts are too precious to have on auto-pilot. People are missing out on YOUR JOY and fulfillment! If not to yourself, you owe it to people in your life!

If your passion is your kids, what are you doing next to be the BEST parent for your children? A great friend of mine told me (long before he was a parent) that he wanted to be a dad and raise up WARRIORS that will bring glory to God. That’s amazing passion, and now he is doing just that.

If you have a dream… If you have a passion… Please strongly consider acting on it. I believe in a God that blesses EACH OF US with unique gifts and passions, and that we’re meant to act on those.

So write down that next action, and go do it! Trust me when I say, hundreds of baby steps go a long way…

What you’ve just read is, basically, what you can expect if you connect with me. I’m a regular guy, married to love of my life, a dog-father (no kids yet) and am active in my local community. I’m on a journey (maybe more of a race!) of living a life filled with purpose and meaning, and I want to inspire others to join with me.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. It’s the best way to connect with me.

I’ll be sharing new music, videos to uplift and inspire, interviewing other dreamers I’ve met through my experiences, and other good stuff to lift the hearts of whoever will listen.

If you’ve made it this far then you surely won’t mind if I close with a blessing, because let’s face, we can all use a blessing…

May God BLESS YOU, and keep you, and make His face SHINE upon you, and in all your ways. Go and BE GREAT! β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Important note: here are a few verses that inspired me to make major life changes, and continue to change my heart: 1 Peter 4:10,Β Mark 10:45,Β 1 Corinthians 10:31. As these soaked into my daily thoughts, my life started changing. I started saying what I needed to say, doing what I needed to do, and living a life that was true to myself and the gifts I’ve been given.